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The best advertisement we can get is the spoken word. That's why we have different guest books. For reason of unwanted spam we do not have an online guest book, but we invite you to browse our "old fashoned guest book"

guest book 2020

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Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor

guest book 2015

guest book 2014
this year we could welcome guests from Austria, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the U.S.

guest book 2013certificate of excellence 2013
So far this year we hosted people from Germany, Portugal, Poland, Canada, US, UK, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and as "exotic country" Slovakia. Our "internationality" is growing

guest book 2012
We are pleased to present some reviews from our dear guests from Canada, Belgium, US, UK, Bermudas, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland ...

guest book 2011
We are very happy to inform that so far we could accommodate international guests from Great Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, United States of America, Belgium.

guest book 2010
We start our adventure of being hosts